Look at dis fluffy birb nugget


Look at dis fluffy birb nugget

Almost everyone will eventually have a first kiss story to tell. And by first kiss, I mean a proper lips-to-lips embrace shared between two people for the first time, not a simple, routine peck on the cheek. I have my own story, too. But I can only ever tell it in certain circumstances, without revealing the identity of the guy with whom I shared my first kiss, because it’s a bit of a complicated matter. The reason I’m bringing this up is because first kisses became a subject of discussion amongst my friends tonight when we were out at a pub/bar, and everyone started sharing their own tales, whilst I was frantically panicking and preparing some made-up story and some made-up guy. Thankfully, they changed the subject before asking me. I know the topic isn’t a big deal for everyone, but it is for me.

It’s not that I’m embarrassed about my first kiss! Absolutely not. It probably couldn’t have been any more perfect, in fact. Perfect person, perfect place, perfect time. I’d love to tell more people about it. As I said, it’s a bit complicated, for reasons I’d rather not reveal. But it’s sometimes really difficult not ever being able to tell people the full story, and especially not tell them the guy’s identity.

So I’m going to tell my story here, boring as it may be, because I never really get the chance to share it. Everything I write here is true. But I am still not revealing the person’s identity as a means of respect to their privacy. Not that they’re on here, of course, but still. I may end up deleting this anyway. We shall see.


3rd of September, 2011. It was approaching the end of the summer holidays of that year. I was seventeen, and I’d actually just been dumped by my boyfriend of ten months only a week before. To call him a former boyfriend might actually be a bit of a stretch considering we never kissed, held hands or did anything remotely intimate. But enough of that; the point was that I was in a pretty bad place at the end of August.

Somebody else was there for me to ease my sorrows. We both live in a seaside town. We walked along the seafront together on what was a beautiful summer’s day. He was incredibly sweet and lovely, and he told me that I deserved better. On that day, for the first time, I began to realise what a real relationship should feel like. For the first time in months, I was properly happy.

We sat down at a secluded spot on the beachfront, with a high wall behind it separating us from the pedestrians above. Watching the few clouds go by across the sky’s vast expanse - my fingers entwined with someone else’s for the first time - we simply enjoyed each other’s presence in silent bliss. My head rested upon his shoulder, and his head rested upon mine. It was as though we had found our own private haven, where there was nothing but the two of us, and that was all that mattered.

I had never experienced this sort of togetherness before. But it was wonderful.

After a while of nothing but this serenity, he raised his head away from mine, turned towards me - and the next thing I knew, he was leaning in to kiss me. Our eyes closed as our lips met for what was roughly a minute but felt like an eternity of euphoria. It was nearly three whole years ago now, but sometimes I still feel that kiss on my lips, a remnant from that enchanted day.

Things have changed since then, but what is certain is that that kiss will always remain important to me and has formed part of one of the most special occasions of my life. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a more perfect scenario with a truly wonderful person. I will always be thankful for this memory, regardless of what may happen in the future. Thank you. ♥




“I keep rearranging the letters of my sisters The Beatles sign on her bedroom door.

She is not happy.” 

I’ve given up trying to make them normal.


ok and now there’s another one


i didnt know the beatles could become so many words

Anonymous sent: What's the difference between en and dans?


We use: 


About time : 

  • Il compte lire ce livre en deux jours. > He wants to read this book in two days. 
  • Il terminera ses études en avril prochain. > He’ll finish his studies at the end of April.
  • En hiver, il va à l’école; en été, il travaille. > By winter, he studies, by summer, he works.
  • Ils se sont mariés en 1990 : They married in 1990.  

About locations : 

  • Mes parents sont en Europe. > My parents are in Europe. 
  • J’irai en France bientôt. > I’ll go to France soon. 

About transports : 

  • Aimez-vous mieux voyager en autobus, en train, en auto ou en bateau ? > Would you rather travel by bus, train, car or boat ?
  • Il voyage toujours en avion. > He always travels by plane.
  • BUT : à vélo, à moto, à cheval

Before a “gérondif” :

  • C’est en travaillant qu’on réussit. > It’s by working that you succeed. 
  • Il est parti en souriant. > He left smiling. 

Before a noun (without defined article) :

  • Elle est en prison. > She’s in jail. 
  • BUT : Elle est dans la prison. > She’s in the jail. 

About the composition of a material :

  • Mon portefeuille est en cuir. > My wallet is made of leather. 

About locutions (Verbales or prépositives) : 

  • Nous sommes arrivés en même temps. > We arrived at the same time. 
  • J’étais assise en face de lui.> I was sitting in front of him. 
  • Il est en train de regarder la télé. > He’s watching TV. 

About describing :

  • Il semblait en colère. > He seemed angry. 


About time : When an action is about to happen : 

  • Le film va commencer dans cinq minutes. > The movie will start in 5 minutes.

About something being “inside” or “outside” :

  • Le crayon est dans le tiroir. > The pen is in the drawer.
  • Nous nous sommes perdus dans New York. > We got lost in New-York.
  • Dans la vie, il faut travailler si on veut réussir. > In life, we need to work if you want to succeed.
  • Nous n’étions pas encore dans l’avion. > We weren’t in the plane yet. 
  • J’ai mal dans le dos. > I have a pain in the back. 

About approximation : 

  • Elle a dans les 60 ans. > She’s about 60. 
  • Ça va coûter dans les 300 dollars. > It’ll cost about 300 dollars. 

About the way, the condition of something. 

  • Dans le doute, abstiens-toi ! > If you doubt, don’t do it! 
  • Ils vivent dans la pauvreté et la saleté. > They live in poverty and dirt. 

About “going through” something : 

  • Nous avancions dans la tempète. > We were walking through the storm. 
  • J’ai passé le doigt dans l’anneau. > I slid the finger in the ring. 



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